About Us

Nessa and the Magpies


After training in furniture design and manufacture in Dublin, for which Nessa received first-class honours, there was no turning back, she was a fully fledged furniture addict. Degree completed, Nessa set up a small furniture workshop creating custom pieces until the education bug bit once more. In 2009 after receiving a full scholarship, she made the move to the UK to train further. She completed a Masters degree in furniture design and technology, for which she was awarded first class honours. As part of her masters, Nessa was forced to really consider the merit of what she was doing and struggled to justify bringing a new product onto what she considered to be an already saturated market and so the idea for Furniture Magpies was born.

We are furniture fanatics!! We love furniture and that is what drives us to do what we do. We love rescuing unloved pieces and transforming them into new happy ones.

Furniture Magpies is a furniture design and make company that offers an alternative to mass produced furniture, specialising in regenerating old furniture to meet the desires of modern consumers. The company launched at London Design Festival in 2010 and has been creating one off and limited edition pieces ever since, breathing new life into otherwise discarded items.


After four years of working on some amazing projects including Selfridges Oxford street, Anthropologie New York, exhibitions including London and Milan and shipping bespoke orders to  America and Singapore, Nessa decided to up skill once more by undertaking a second Masters degree, this time in Conservation and Restoration of Furniture and Decorative Arts. This opened up a whole new aspect of up cycling that changed the way she approaches her work. Nessa is a passionate designer, maker, up-cycler and horder of all things furniture...a genuine magpie

Our work strives to retain the character and story of the furniture we use, allowing the user an insight into their items original identity. We don’t believe in good furniture going to landfill when it can be redesigned into a piece that people can love all over again. Each design is a recipe and depending on the ingredients it comes out a little different every time.

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